The objectives of the College as stated in the Articles of Association are:

  1. To promote the advancement of the veterinary profession and to enhance the competence of those who practice in this profession;
  2. To design, develop and conduct continuing professional development (CPD) and/or arrange and offer such programmes through recognized higher education institutions / professional training institutions / organizations to members of the veterinary profession, and impose such training as an obligation of membership of Sri Lanka College of Veterinary Surgeons;
  3. To draft and to impose requirements of continuing professional education and experience as pre-requisites for certification in the various veterinary specialties, and to examine, certify and award professional qualifications to veterinarians as specialists in specified areas of veterinary and allied sciences;
  4. To encourage research, development and innovations in veterinary and allied sciences, fostering the scholarship of its members towards advancing the knowledge in veterinary science and allied fields and promoting dissemination of such knowledge among veterinarians;
  5. To establish and promote interaction and collaboration with veterinary professional collages / associations overseas;
  6. To promote ethics and good practices among the members of the College; and
  7. To engage in any other activity that may be deemed necessary in furtherance of the above.